Outdoor Curriculum


We have stunning outdoor spaces that we use throughout the school year. We are committed to supporting the holistic growth of our children as they learn outdoors and about the outdoors.

Through our outdoor curriculum, our children learn through play and exploration. They learn to take risks, manage challenges, communicate and collaborate. Through guided, as well as child-initiated hands-on exploration, we believe that our children develop a stronger sense of who they are and the value they bring to the world and others.

Children have Wild Tribe sessions in our school ‘valley’ / Nature Garden and we always plan opportunities to work and play outdoors. For example, we have opportunities for children to grow fruit and vegetables and to harvest, cook and eat what they grow.

We regularly use the Bottreaux Castle site, River Jordan and Boscastle Valley, The Village Hall and Community Centre as well as the playing field for sporting activities.

We are trying to become a more environmentally sustainable school and this will be a focus for our outdoor work. We believe that our children will grow into more responsible citizens by connecting with the natural world. We want our children to be inspired to create a better future for themselves and others. We want them to recognise the challenges we all face with regard to our environment, identify how they can help, learn the resilience to start again or re-plan when faced with obstacles, and recognise the impact they can have.