Online Safety

Online Safety


E-Safety encompasses not only Internet technologies but also electronic communications via mobile phones, apps, games consoles and other wireless technology. We support annual awareness events that support cyber safety, such as Internet Awareness Week and plan on-going opportunities for children to learn about staying safe online.

Our children spend more and more time online and so need to be aware of how they work and play so we can teach them to do so safely. Technology is an integral part of their social life and school life. using technology with skill is more than likely to be vital for their future worklife, leisure and success. We want our children to fully access the internet and value it as an amazing resource where they can learn, visit new people and places or try new experiences (virtually) that may otherwise be out of their reach. The virtual world is a place to find people with similar interests and experiences as well as a space that can overcome barriers such as language, distance and opportunity. We want our children to use the internet creatively, respectfully and to connect with others. We want them to use it to find information and advice, to communicate with people and to make their own lives easier and more fulfilled.

Technology can however expose our children to risks, so we aim to maintain a dialogue with them so we are aware of how they are spending their time online and can help them spot potential danger, maintain safe online behaviour and report any concerns they have. We have an online safety curriculum that supports them as they grow with emerging technologies and works from the principle that values all that technology has to offer.

If you are concerned about your child’s online conduct or their experiences, please speak with us and we will problem-solve together.

If you think your child is at risk of harm, please report your worries to the police and contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead (Sara Haden) or Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads, Ben Rix or Jeanette Perrett.


Please click the links below for more information, tips, hints, and advice…

The NSPCC has some useful information about how to ensure your child stays safe online.

ThinkUknow has information and there is a link to report concerns to the police.

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