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At Boscastle C P School we recognise the importance of Science and strive to maintain a high profile for the subject within our school. Our desire to empower and motivate children to develop a lifelong love of science is reflected in our curriculum and nurturing learning environments.

A scientist observes, questions, creates theories, experiments, records data, and then analyses that data. All children can be scientists by following their own natural curiosity, and at Boscastle Primary, teachers help to build and reinforce these skills so that children are able to thrive and achieve.

Boscastle Primary School aspires to provide excellent opportunities for Science so that children can:

  • Perceive science as fun, relevant and engaging.
  • Make meaningful links between classroom learning and the real world in order to develop their understanding of Science.
  • Develop scientific literacy and critical thinking skills by designing and carrying out their own investigations and drawing their own conclusions.
  • Make progress; growing and fulfilling potential regardless of their circumstances.
  • Nurture their curiosity by asking questions, in turn developing amazement and a sense of excitement.
  • Use a range of resources to investigate and explore including our outside areas.

By providing these opportunities, we ensure that our children are inspired, confident, life-long learners who will continue to explore the world around them, way beyond their time at primary school.

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